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Manager’s Portal

The Manager’s Portal is a complementary product to Synerion Recruitment.  The portal enables direct communication between the HR department and the hiring managers, as part of the recruitment workflow defined for the position to be filled.

Manager’s Portal – Involving the Hiring Manager in the Employee’s Recruitment Process

  • Direct communication between the hiring manager, the recruiting department, the candidates and all parties involved in the recruitment process
  • Shorter time-to-hire
  • Monitoring of manager’s timely responses and detection of bottlenecks
  • Web interface for hiring managers that is a user-friendly and intuitive centralized tool that requires no installation.


Key Features of the Manager’s Portal

  • Display of the manager’s To-Do-List according to priorities
  • A view of the job applicants’ CV and interview dates
  • Ability to send emails to all participants (candidate, recruiters and hiring manager)
  • Feeding interview summaries and attachment of documents – while the information is being saved, the final summary is automatically sent to the candidate’s file, the action is completed and the recruitment process continues automatically as defined by the workflow
  • Sending an alert from the hiring manager to the recruitment department for candidates whose recruitment process has been stopped / paused
  • Ability to specify if the candidate is to be advanced to the next stage in the process
  • Ability to give a grade that will be weighted in the final calculation of the candidate’s suitability for the job.

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